Hi, I'm Chris

I help create products and experiences that really make a difference.

Currently building Chummify and freelancing. Former Product at mymuesli.

My mantra

“It’s better to have 100 people love you than have a million people that sort of like you.” — Paul Graham, Co-Founder of Y Combinator

Quality over quantity

It should always be about creating value and building something meaningful people love.

As a freelance consultant, my recent work revolved mostly around strategy development and research analysis in product and innovation.

I also geek out on nutrition science, fasting, exercise science, biological psychology, nootropics, psychedelic science, consciousness research, minimalism, personality psychology and UX design.

I usually make use of all of my knowledge and expertise when faced with new projects. Actually, my projects tend to grow like a bonsai: focusing on their core strength, not on size.

mymuesli — Personalizing your breakfast based on your DNA and blood work

mymuesli is an award-winning food startup based in Passau and Berlin, Germany. I had the pleasure to work with their innovation team on a cool project in the field of food-tech, using health data to shape the food of tomorrow. I helped develop the innovation strategy, research scientific methods, conduct a nutritional analysis of the current range of products and participate at onsite meetings with partners.

Case study following soon!




Innovation Consultant, Strategist, Researcher


Personalised Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Micronutrient Deficiencies


Q3 2019

Chummify — Meeting similar personalities who you are on the same page with

Chummify is my own passion project, currently based in Vienna, but initially started out of my dorm room in Passau. With the help of your Big Five personality traits, you're brought together with others in real life who just deeply get you. Emoji-filled chats, superficialities and wasted time belong to the past. This one is about meaningful connections, digital well-being and less loneliness in your life.

Case study following soon!




Founder, Business Designer


Personality Psychology, Interpersonal Compatibility, Digital Minimalism


Late 2020

From wireframing and mockups to user testing

Feel free to click yourself through some of the designs, landing pages and protoypes I've created once already for Chummify. Don't forget that all of this digital stuff is just one part of the whole user experience, as the other one takes place offline.

What that guy's all about

“The more you know, the more you know you don't know.” — Aristotle, Greek Philosopher

Nice to meet you

I'm a product manager turned innovation consultant from Frankfurt, living in beautiful Vienna. I love to make things. Like, everything on this website actually.

Having been a huge science geek ever since I was a kid, I ended up with quite some knowledge across multiple fields over the years. I also became really good at recognizing patterns and developing a strong affinity for critical thinking.

Always eager to challenge the status quo, I especially love diving deep into problems and seeing them as opportunities to be embraced and pursued while searching for the truth.

So don't get me wrong, I'm by no means trying to be an expert in each and every field, but taught myself how to go deep on subjects rather fast and become quickly familiar with new topics.

Previous experience

Earlier this year, I signed up for Y Combinator's Startup School Winter 2020 with Chummify, my own personality-based psychology startup.

In the past, I worked with mymuesli in different positions. Acting as the right-hand man for one of the founders and other managers, I helped create and advance strategies for food innovations like the Personalised Nutrition project or Lower-Carb-Müsli amongst other things.

Once, I even got to keep up the waiter bit at an opening of a pop up store I helped organizing. Met a couple of famous actors and celebrities there which was quite cool!

As a teen in the early 2010s, I also founded Gronkh-Fanseite, a Facebook fanpage for Gronkh, one of Germany's biggest gaming YouTubers.

I created content, sold quirky merchandise, engaged with his community and grew the page to more than 20,000 followers at peak times. Trust me when I say that these kind of numbers meant so much more back then.

Other than that, I worked in retail at Peek & Cloppenburg at the end of my final school year in 2015. It gave me an opportunity to earn enough money to travel solo in Southeast Asia for three months as an 18-year-old kid — which was more than worth it.

Stay hungry, stay foolish

I love learning and am interested in many things in life. Majoring in computer science and a couple of other fields of study made me realize that today’s education system is just not for me. It should always be about learning for the sake of learning, rather than doing it for the credits, grades or a piece of paper.

Meanwhile, I ended up with an Honours Degree in Digital Technology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Passau. Yep, the irony is real.

I'm also currently enrolled in Philosophy in Vienna, as I've developed a huge interest in metaphysics this year.

When my nose isn't pressed up against a screen, you can also find me being a film geek, playing piano, daydreaming, singing, dancing, singing even more, eating nigiri, lifting heavy weights or planning future trips to the ever growing number of places I want to travel to someday.

Fun facts

I played ice hockey in my youth and was actually scouted for Germany's national U16 team as a teen.

I tend to sneeze at least twice after having some mint gum or dark chocolate.

I have a thing for neologisms and words that capture certain emotions — natsukashii and saudade for the win! (for more, visit The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows)

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German, English, Russian

On my reading list

Quiet by Susan Cain